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Homeowners insurance provides financial protection against damage/destruction to your home.  Typically, flood, earthquake and landslide are NOT covered perils on a standard homeowner's policy, and you will need to purchase separate policies to cover these perils. 

Your home is most likely one of your largest investments, and it's important to ensure that it's covered correctly so that you do not suffer a significant financial loss in the event of a homeowner's insurance claim. It is important to know that homeowners insurance is meant to cover unexpected damage, not routine maintenance. 

Standard homeowner's insurance policies include several elements:


Coverage A - Dwelling: This limit is the estimated cost to rebuild the home in the event of a total loss.  This coverage does NOT take into account the property/land value, as we are only insuring for the replacement cost to rebuild the home itself.  

Coverage B - Other Structures: Provides coverage (typically 10% of the dwelling limit) for other structures/buildings on the property such as a shed, detached garage, or fencing.

Coverage C: Personal Property: Provides coverage for your personal items stored in the home - furniture, electronics, and clothing are just some examples. This is typically calculated as a percentage of the dwelling limit. 

Coverage D: Additional Living Expense: Covers any incurred additional living expenses from a covered claim. It is designed to allow the homeowner to continue to live their normal standard of living when their home cannot be occupied due to a covered claim. It provides coverage for room & board, food, and other necessary living expenses.

Coverage E: Personal Liability: This coverage provides protection against bodily injury and property damage liability claims arising from accidents on your property. Examples would be slip & falls or if a child accidentally threw a ball through a neighbor's window. 

Coverage F: Medical Payments: Similar to the identically named Auto Liability coverage, this provides coverage for injuries to guests occurring on your property. Payment is made regardless of legal liability. 


There are also several other optional coverages available to tailor your custom homeowner's policy, such as coverage for fine jewelry and specialty items such as firearms and fine art. Ask us for more information!




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